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Diary of A Sex-Crazy Southern Gal

My crazy....but interesting and sexy life!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

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Just some naughty lil pics of me in some of my smoking hot new outfits off of my wishlist!! Thanks Guys!! You know who you are!!
My baby Jim...thank u for the 3 outfits and everything else you've sent me. And thank you to Brian for 3 outfits.....i luv them and can't wait to wear them all for you!! Mmmmwwhhhaaaaa

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

OMG I had the absolute best weekend!!

OMG What a fucking weekend!! Ok i know that i have said this before ...but this past weekend was the absolute best !! As you all know ..I moved into a new house..which I love!! Well one of the reasons that I wanted to move into this house in the first place is because of this guy I know that lives directly beside of me. I've known him for a couple of years now..but he has always been involved with some stupid ugly whores. And of course he is involved with one now....but me and her actually get along pretty well. But anyways....I have wanted this guy for 2 years now...and I don't mean that I just wanted to fuck him once and be done with it. I mean I have wanted him to be mine .....to fuck any damn time I please!!
Well my opportunity came this past weekend. His live-in girlfriend had to go out of town for a couple of days to visit her family. Well on Sunday he seen me outside (I was only out there cause I seen him and I was just trying to get his attention with my lil short shorts and my super tight almost see-through tank top on) and he came over to the fence that separates our yards....and he asked me if I would like to go 4-wheeler riding with him and a few of his friends. Well I have my own 4-wheeler (Yellow 2004 Honda 350 Rancher) and of course I say "Hell Yes" as soon as he finishes asking me. I mean I was not gonna miss out on this golden opportunity. So I run inside and throw some really tight, revealing clothes on..and I hurry back outside so I can meet all of his friends that are going with us. Well once everyone arrives at his house...there ends up being about 10 of us altogether. And like I always say ...the More the Merrier!! (hehe) There were 2 of the other guys besides my neighbor that really caught my eye....both of them were tall, and so damn HOT!!
Well... we all jump on our 4-wheelers and take off....there are a shit load of 4-wheeler trails pretty much starting in my back yard. So we head out and I am so excited ....I just keep fantasizing about what I would luv to happen....but I know it won't happen...cause there are just way too many of us. Well...we ride for about 4 hours going down so many trails....I had no idea where the hell we were....and really I didn't care at all!! But right at the edge of dark...my neighbor asks me if I'm about ready to head back home....I say yes and he says that him and 2 of his friends will show me the way back home...since I have no fucking idea where I am. So he tells all the other guys what is going on and they go one way to just keep riding..while me and my neighbor and his 2 friends take off towards home.....or at least I thought!!
I actually thought they were showing me the way home....so of course I'm disappointed..cause I just keep fantasizing about all 3 of them taking control and doing what they want with me...right there in the woods..on my 4-wheeler. I mean I fantasized about it sooo much that I had myself so soaking wet just from thinking about it.

Anyways...we ride down a trail that i didn't recognize....but i just thought they were taking a short cut or something.......that is until my neighbor stops...and we all fall in behind him and stop too. I keep thinking to myself...what the hell is he stopping for...I mean we hadn't even been riding that long...maybe 15 mins or so since the last time we had stopped. So we all stop and he grabs him a beer from his cooler and asks me if i would like one...so I take one of course (by this time I had already drank some vodca and about 4 beers...so I was pretty fucked up). Well we all just kinda hang out...smoke a lil bit ...drink our beers..and talk. Well the subject of what I do for a living cums up...and none of these guys have any idea what I do ....so I am kinda embarrassed to tell them....and I just tell them that I work from home...and that I absolutely love my job!! When I said that it really gets them interested... and now all 3 of them are begging me to tell them what I do. All of them have this look on there face...like they already know what I'm gonna say..but they just wanna hear me say it. So I just go ahead and blurt it out...."I work on the internet as a cam/phone sex girl..I have my own website...and I love it". I could read everyone of em's minds at that time...you could just see it in there eyes. So my neighbor asks me what exactly do i do....and I tell him that I have a webcam...and I do shows with guys....sometimes cam2cam and sometimes the guys just see me...I have a few nice toys that I use, a few costumes...like my school girl outfit and so on....and we pretty much get off together. When I said that all these guys just kinda stared at me with these wierd looks. So I told them that I love to make videos too...of myself and of me and other guys. Well all of them volunteered to be in one of my videos...haha. And I knew then that I had all of them right where i wanted them...and that my fantasy was about to become a reality!
I looked over at my neighbor and asked him if he had ever had a threesome before .....and he said no..but he has always wanted to..and the other guys said about the same thing. So I start telling them about my first threesome with a guy and a girl....and I could tell that it was turning them on soooo much! When I finished telling them all of my dirty little secrets my neighbor cums over to me and just grabs me all at once and starts kissing me. OMG i just didn't expect him to do that. But I loved it. We stood there with the other guys just staring at us....kissing so hard and so long. I didn't want him to stop. But when he did finally stop ramming his tongue all in my mouth...he just looked at me .....and I could just see it in his eyes...I knew what he was going to say b4 he even said it. He said this and I quote..."Well we know now that you luv threesomes...but have u ever had 3 guys before"? I had to catch my breath for a second before I could even respond. But when I did...I said "No I have never had 3 guys at once before ...but it has always been a fantasy of mine". That's all I had to say....as soon as the words left my mouth...all 3 of them came over to me and started touching me all over....and taking turns kissing me. My neighbor grabbed my tank top and pulled it over my head...and of course i wasn't wearing a bra....or panties for that matter...hehe. And OMG when my shirt came off....they all started touching and sucking on my titties. Then one of the other guys...unbuttoned my bluejeans and slid them down to my ankles. He started rubbing my clit...and he felt how wet I was and told the other 2 guys to feel it. I was dripping wet...and it just turned them on even more.

My neighbor told me to lay back on my 4-wheeler....so I did what he said and laid back. They took my shoes off and then slid my pants all the way off....so here I am in the woods...I have no idea where I'm at really and I am now butt ass naked....with 3 guys...touching me all over. I was in absolute heaven. My neighbor was the first one to go down on me....and OMG he knew exactly what he was doing. He started kissing my belly first...and worked his way down to the inside of my thighs and kissed them so softly.....it was driving me crazy. And when he finally reached my clit....OMG...it was amazing...he didn't lick my shaved, wet pussy for more than 2 minutes and I was already cumming all over his face. The other 2 guys stood over me while he ate me out....and stroked there cocks until they were ROCK FUCKING HARD!!
Well..after I came all over his face....he told me to get up and bend over my 4-wheeler. And anyone that knows me ..knows that I love to be bent over...on all fours...it's my favorite position. So I bent over and he (my neighbor) got behind me and pulled his cock out of his pants...(he was rock hard of course) and just shoved it all up inside of me all at once. I was so wet that it just slid rightin!! He told the other 2 guys to get in front of me for now...that he wanted to fuck me first. I loved that!! So the other 2 got in front of me and were taking turns fucking my mouth....i would suck one of em's cock and jack the other one off...then they would make me switch...all the while my neighbor is behind me...fucking the hell out of me ...and he had about an 8 inch cock...i mean it was perfect. He grabbed ahold of my hair..which was in a ponytail...and when he did that...OMG ...it made me arch my back even more and my little pussy was getting every last inch of that big cock. It felt soooo fucking good...it was unreal. When I told him to spank my ass HARD while he fucked me....it must have really turned him on even more...cause he really started giving it to me!! He was absolutely pounding my lil pussy!
Well...he fucked me like that for about 10 mins i guess...and then he just stopped....I asked him what was wrong...why did he stop..and he said that he just didn'twant to cum just yet...and if he didnt' stop he was gonna explode. So he came to the front of me and told one of the other guys to have his turn with my wet pussy. And he was all for that...he practically ran behind me and shoved his cock in me so hard...and so fast. But it felt sooo good...it's just how I like it. His cock was pretty damn big too....just a tad bit bigger than my neighbors....and he fucked me so hard....I was already moaning soo loud with all of this going on...but when he shoved his cock up in me so hard like he did....i started screaming pretty much. Goddamn he fucked me sooo good!! He kept asking me if I liked it...and if it felt good....and all i could say was "Fuck Yeah Baby...Don't Stop....Give me all of that Big Cock". And that's exactly what he did!! Well he fucked me for only about 6 or 7 mins i guess...and he didn't even try to hold back....he pulled his cock out of me and shot his HUGE load all over my Ass!! My neighbor started laughing at him....but he didn't care...cause his cock never did go limp...he was ready for more. But the other guy who hadn't fucked my pussy yet...was hollaring at them both..saying it was his turn to fuck me. All i could do was laugh...it was just so funny hearing them argue about who's turn it was to fuck me. I didnt even care who fucked me...as long as they all 3 stayed on me. So the guy who had just came ...got back in front of me and made me lick the cum off the head of his cock....that was so hot...while I was doing that...my neighbor and the other guy both got behind me and I had no idea what was gonna happen....
The guy who hadn't fucked me yet...slid his cock in my pussy nice and slow....he had the smallest cock of all of them...but it was still around 7 inches ...so it was still killer as hell. But as soon as he slid his cock inside of my lil pussy ....my neighbor told him to stop....so I could get in a different position. I was all for it....I mean I was game for anything at that point. So my neighbor lays a little blanket down on the ground ...and then he tells me to lay down...on my stomach and just kinda arch my back so that my ass was sticking up in the air. I had no idea what was about to happen....i laid down and the 7 inch guy gets on his knees behind me and slides his cock inside my pussy again. Then my neighbor got behind me standing up kinda...and literally shoves his big cock in my ass. I had to scream...not because it hurt really..but because it shocked me....and he did it all at once...normally i tell a guy with a big dick to kinda ease it in my ass at first so that it doesnt hurt . So now I have one guy fucking my pussy...one in my ass, and the other one who had already came once...fucking my mouth again. I never dreamed this would ever happen to me...i thought it just happened in the movies and shit....i just fantasized about it. I mean this has been a HUGE fantasy of mine for a long damn time. It felt so good having every hole filled with a big cock!!
We fucked like that for about 20 minutes. It seemed like a long time....although I could've went on a whole hell of a lot longer than that!! My neighbor was the first one to cum this time.....and it must have turned the other guys on or something....maybe because he came all up inside of my ass.....cause as soon as he came...the one fucking my pussy ...pulled his cock out and rolled me over and came all over my damn face....and the other guy...came all over my face too!! I have never had that much cum in and on me at once....it was AMAZING!! I don't even know exactly how many times I came...i lost count.
When we finished...and i got myself cleaned up ...they did take me home....and they were all so nice to me...and invited me to cum with them next weekend too!! (hehe) So if you don't see me this Sunday.....you'll know where I'm at and what I'm doing. I cannot wait to do that shit again....maybe next time he'll invite a couple more friends and just turn it into a big gang bang!! I would love that!!
Well I gotta run now.... it's about time for you know who to get home from work and I wanna be out there when he pulls in...b4 his girlfriend gets home. I'll be singing that song everytime I see her now..."Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me" haha!! If she only knew! I love being a sneaky little slut. Ok I'm outta here... I think I've wrote a damn book...sorry this was such a long post...but I had to tell ya all about it...and details make it sooo much better!!
I'll keep ya posted on all of this....it's too damn hot not to!! But if you wanna hear more about it...just click here and call me... http://www.niteflirt.com/CarolinaGirl


Chrissy Mmmmmwwwwwhhhaaaaa!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

What a crazy couple of weeks!!

Wow what a crazy couple of weeks. Everything has been so messed up and crazy....out of town for a funeral...so sad. Thats a big mess all in it's self...and i'm not even gonna go into all that shit. Now I am moving into a new house....packing shit up...running here and running there. Damn I think I just need to stop and breathe. On a good note though, this house i'm moving into is my dream house. It's huge...on a big piece of land...a huge deck ....3 bedrooms.....2 bathrooms...and the kitchen...OMG it's to die for. Ok I know enough of that shit. I can't help it though...I have always wanted a house like this...and now I got it. Mostly thanks to all of my regulars and all my newbies...and anyone else that calls me, buys my videos, pics, and sends me tributes and gifts. But now you guys are gonna see me on here a whole lot more. My house payment is a lot bigger than what I'm used to ...and I will be getting a new car in a few months. So I'm gonna have to buckle down and stop being so lazy....and start working this thing....hehe!!

Oh and I'm gonna put a pic of me and my new toy that one of my good customers bought for me......thank you loub!! You know who you are. I mean the toy looks so real and feels extremely real. And OMG it is HUGE!! A 10 inch cock....that is huge to me. But it does the trick for sure.....gets me off every single time I use it!!

Oh and I have a new girlfriend too. Her name is Sherry. And she is a total hottie!! Maybe she will let me post a pic of her on here sometime. I wish you could all see what a pretty little pussy I get to lick on every night almost. It is so cute. Nice and shaved and smooth. And her clit is perfect. Hopefully I will be able to talk her into making a little video with me....or even with me and my best friends hubby!! Now that would be HOT!!

Well...I'm gonna head off to bed now....ive had a long night. But I will be back to tell ya more about my new place and moving and about my soon-to-be neighbors...(which are a hot ass couple who get into swinging)...god I'm gonna have so much fun when I finally do get moved!!



Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another Boring Ass Weekend!!

This weekend is already starting off bad. I have felt terrible all day today and have done nothing but sleep all day. I dont know whats wrong with me. I hope i feel better by tomorrow. I will say that just a little while ago one of my regular guys made me feel so much better......yeah you George. We talked about all kinds of things then we played until i got off....then we talked some more. Made me feel so comfortable and just better. I needed that this morning soooooo bad!!

I also talked to another one of my reg's Ramses....he is awesome...he knows just what i like and how i like it! Ya can't do no better than that. But after i talked to my 2 reg's I started feeling bad again. So I turned niteflirt off for awhile....and here i am now..sitting here bored as hell!!
I need some more excitement and action or something. I guess I'm gonna have to call one of my girlfriends to cum over and see what naughty things we can get into. Last time I invited my girlfriend Lisa over here, me and her went wild. We played strip poker...just me and her at first...then she called one of her friends over and then another girl came over...before we knew it we had about 9 girls over. And once we all started losing our clothes it got real interesting. And of course we were all drinking Vodca and orangejuice....so we were all getting slammed!! But when we all started getting naked is when the fun started. Lisa started touching me in front of all the other girls....and that's all it took to get everyone else to join in. 2 of the other girls started kissing and touching....and I mean really getting into it. That got me and lisa turned on big time...so we just laid down in the floor and she went down on me first......and goddamn she is so good at licking pussy. She got me off so damn quick!! By the time I got done getting Lisa off .....everyone was on the floor licking, kissing, fingering, and just going all at it!! Everyone started joining in and it was so fucking hot!! I know that sounds too good to be true....but it is true!!

Thats the nice thing about having nothing but lesbian and bisexual girlfriends. All we were missing was a couple of guys to join in and take turns fucking all of us. That would have made it so much better. And I'm sure we wouldve been able to find 2 guys to join in very easily. hehe!! I wish this weekend would be as good as that weekend. I'm calling Lisa in just a couple of hours and I'm gonna see if we can get a bunch of girls over to my place again. I'm all turned on now just talking and thinking about the last time. I guess it's time for me to grab my vibrator!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Ok I haven't been in on here in a VERY Long Time!!

Yeah yeah i know I haven't been on here in a long damn time. But I'm back now. Ive been having some pretty interesting calls on niteflirt tonight! It's now 4:52am and I have been up all night taking calls and playing. And OMG this one guy who goes by quickset on niteflirt called me twice. And damn was it worth it.....he got me off twice and he got off twice.....so hot!! The way he talked dirty to me ....telling me all the things he wanted to do to me.....damn he had me so turned on. And another caller who goes by crudd123 called me and he was damn good too!! I love weekends....all the good nasty ones cum out to see me!! And everyone knows thats how i like it....hard, rough, and nasty!!
Here it is so late at night or early in the morning however u want to look at it...and I'm still wide awake and ready for more!! God I can't get enough. I guess because niteflirt had me suspended for too long because of a couple of pics....and now I just can't get enough!!
I hope the rest of the morning and tomorrow is as good as tonight has been. I need some really nasty boys that luv to talk dirty and play hard to call me!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Just a Small Thank You!!

I just want to say thank you to all my guys on niteflirt!! I mean you guys have really been making my days and nights great!! (Except for maybe 1 or 2 total assholes that i will not name) I could name all of you guys...but it would take me all night.....there are so many of you and i luv you all!! And i want to give another special thank you to all the guys that bought my sexy pics!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! Within the next week or maybe this weekend all of the guys that have bought any of my pics will be rewarded with some free minutes.....and i will also give some free minutes out to all my fav's and regulars that like to spend at least 10 minutes with me!! And dont worry pugga you are at the top of the list baby!!! lol lol Kiss Kiss to all of you sexy boys!! Hope to hear from you all again....really soon!!

p.s. I need some new sexy outfits....hint hint....check out my sexy wishlist !!
If you buy it ....I will wear it exclusively for you!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

An exciting and playful day!!

Well today was ok....but tonight was great!! My favorite playmate ever....pugga has made my night again. Like always....he made me cum so damn hard!! I mean the way the guy talks to me...so fucking nasty....i luv it!! He thinks that im just saying it when i tell him how great he is....but im telling you...the guy is amazing!! I can't even imagine how good it would be in person. He makes me shiver when he calls me because i know what is coming. I mean i can cum with a lot of guys on here and really enjoy myself when i do.....but something about my man pugga....i can't quite put my finger on it....but its just something. And now he is teasing me so bad....making me wait before he will call me and make me explode again. But thats ok...pay backs are a bitch!! Lmao lol lol lol

Thursday, September 01, 2005


What a day so far.....it's thursday....and my birthday isn't until Sunday, September 4th. But I got a wonderful present today....from one my best customers....Julyuser. He sent me not 1 but 2 dozen of beautiful long-stem RED ROSES!! They are so beautiful and smell so sweet. It was such a surprise...he told me that he was going to send them...but I honestly didn't think he would.....wow!! That's all i can say is wow!! Maybe I can write more about it later.....I'm just really speechless right now.

I love getting surprises......and boy this was one nice ass surprise!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Monday's Suck!!!! But I have to say today was good!

Monday's always suck for me.....I'm always too lazy to get up and do anything.....or the day just drags by so damn slow. But today was actually a good day. I talked to one of my true favorites on niteflirt....eellrr. He is such a sweetheart....but damn he can be so kinky. I luv the way he moans and the things we talk about while we are both pleasing ourselves. But he did kinda let me down...he was supposed to cum back on later that night around 11pm and watch my best friend's husband fuck my brains out. Oh well ....his loss I guess!!
One of my new regulars...judfry ...called me again tonight...and I sware it just keeps getting better evertime we talk. And my man Heresss Johnny.....god I luv this guy....and i luv tucking him in just right. And the end of my night...ended so great....with a call from a guy named sebastion007....i told him some of my deepest secrets and stories.....that noone has ever heard about. And he told me some very naughty things about him too......it was soooo hot.... I can't wait to talk to him again....I luved being his lil slut!! And I know he'll be back ....cause our time together was absolutely amazing!!
These guys really made my night so interesting and fun as hell. If I could meet these kind of guys in person....I would be in heaven!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Lazy Saturday......led to a busy ass Sunday!!

Today was great.....I didn't work any yesterday on niteflirt....so I decided to start early today.....and i'm so glad i did. I got some of my best calls today. Escpecially a call from one of my fav's ....slajacun...or pugga is what i like to call him. He is such a lil sweety....and he knows exactly what i like. I luv the way he talks soooo dirty to me.....telling me what he would do to me if he were here with me......that is just so hot. And he knows that i luv it rough and hard.....so he doesn't hold anything back. But I also got some other really great calls today......ryan12084....OMG he was absolutely awesome. I luv his voice.....so sexy.....I really luved our time together. And I can't leave out my man...ramses. He is such a great guy....and he knows just what i like too.....i luv being his lil slut!! That's just a few of the guys that really made my night great.....so thanks guys!!
I really hope tomorrow night is even better........but I just don't see how it can get much better than this!!