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Diary of A Sex-Crazy Southern Gal

My crazy....but interesting and sexy life!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Monday's Suck!!!! But I have to say today was good!

Monday's always suck for me.....I'm always too lazy to get up and do anything.....or the day just drags by so damn slow. But today was actually a good day. I talked to one of my true favorites on niteflirt....eellrr. He is such a sweetheart....but damn he can be so kinky. I luv the way he moans and the things we talk about while we are both pleasing ourselves. But he did kinda let me down...he was supposed to cum back on later that night around 11pm and watch my best friend's husband fuck my brains out. Oh well ....his loss I guess!!
One of my new regulars...judfry ...called me again tonight...and I sware it just keeps getting better evertime we talk. And my man Heresss Johnny.....god I luv this guy....and i luv tucking him in just right. And the end of my night...ended so great....with a call from a guy named sebastion007....i told him some of my deepest secrets and stories.....that noone has ever heard about. And he told me some very naughty things about him too......it was soooo hot.... I can't wait to talk to him again....I luved being his lil slut!! And I know he'll be back ....cause our time together was absolutely amazing!!
These guys really made my night so interesting and fun as hell. If I could meet these kind of guys in person....I would be in heaven!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Lazy Saturday......led to a busy ass Sunday!!

Today was great.....I didn't work any yesterday on niteflirt....so I decided to start early today.....and i'm so glad i did. I got some of my best calls today. Escpecially a call from one of my fav's ....slajacun...or pugga is what i like to call him. He is such a lil sweety....and he knows exactly what i like. I luv the way he talks soooo dirty to me.....telling me what he would do to me if he were here with me......that is just so hot. And he knows that i luv it rough and hard.....so he doesn't hold anything back. But I also got some other really great calls today......ryan12084....OMG he was absolutely awesome. I luv his voice.....so sexy.....I really luved our time together. And I can't leave out my man...ramses. He is such a great guy....and he knows just what i like too.....i luv being his lil slut!! That's just a few of the guys that really made my night great.....so thanks guys!!
I really hope tomorrow night is even better........but I just don't see how it can get much better than this!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Just A Lazy Saturday

Well today was a nice day.....went to the lake with my best friend Nikki and her husband.....(yes, the one I'm fucking). I had a great time....just laid out in the sun ...worked on my tan a lil bit....and showed my lil body off for Nikki's husband...hehe. She still has no idea that I'm fucking her man.....if she ever found out all hell would break loose. Oh well.....I luv being sneaky...and I have wanted his big cock for soooo long. Although, I had no idea his cock was as big as it really is.

The best part of the whole day was when Nikki's husband whispered to me to go out to where the car was parked and wait for him. I told Nikki I was going to the bathroom and I would be back in a few minutes....and her dumbass never suspected a thing....hehe. Well I waited for like 5 mins and there he came....he told Nikki that his stomach was hurting and he was gonna go look for some tylenol in the car.....she is so niave. We didn't have a whole lot of time....but we still got to fool around for a few minutes.....and thats all the time I needed to make his big cock cum. We got in the car...in the back seat.....and I sucked his cock like I have never sucked a cock before.....GOD I luv this man's cock...the taste of it....the size....the whole package!! It only took me about 7-8 mins to make that cock cum sooo fucking hard....all in my mouth.....I luv the taste of his cum....and the feeling of it going down the back of my throat is so hot!!

And poor lil Nikki has no idea....oh well.....I guess if he's gonna look elsewhere for some pussy ....it might as well be me....her best friend!!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Another Crazy Ass Friday Night.....but I'm luving it!!

Well....tonight was a great night. I went out to the bar again with my new best friend, Onna from Ukraine. We had such a blast again....not as much fun as the last time...but it was still great. I luv taking her hot lil ass out.....I really luv dancing with her...and making all the men druel like crazy. And getting all the free drinks we want is pretty nice too....hehe.

We didn't get too wasted this time though and we didn't get to hook up with any hot guys this time.....but me and her still had our own fun if u know what i mean. I thought that when we messed around the first time with the 2 guys we went home with...that that would be it. But this girl is wild....and I am soooo glad. We went to the bathroom together at the bar.....and boy did she catch me off guard....as soon as we went in the bathroom....she grabbed me by the arm and pretty much pulled me into her. OMG it was so hot....and i never expected her to do it. As soon as she started kissing me.....my pussy got instantly wet...and i mean soaking wet!! I luv the way she kisses me.....so soft ....but still hard and HOT as hell!! And i know I've said it b4 but this girl has got the best body I have ever seen on a woman.....her tits are so fucking hot. I could just lick and suck on her long nipples all night long. And OMG her lil shaved pussy is the best. Tastes and smells so perfect. And for her to have never been with a woman ever b4...besides me....she sure can lick pussy soooo good. We got each other off in the bathroom of the bar....I mean how fucking hot is that!!

When I finally took Onna home ...I came home and couldn't get our lil experience out of my mind.....so I turned my niteflirt on and was ready for more. And boy did I get a lot more!! My first call of the night really got me going....tfrobe...thank u for starting my night out on niteflirt right!! And my god a new regular of mine....judfry......i cannot even begin to say how fucking turned on this guy gets me. And my night ended with a great regular of mine now....LITIGATOR.....I luv watching him stroke his cock for me.....he has such a big fucking cock.....god what I could do to that in person. I hope the rest of my weekend is as good as tonight was!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Busy night on niteflirt tonight!

I have had such a busy night on niteflirt tonight.....have actually had some really good calls tonight.....
One of the guys that called me tonight....Jakey5....was so great. I'm so glad he called me.....he was my first call of the night and boy was it a way to start the night! I can't wait to talk to him again. And one of the other guys that called me ....BlueRonin....was such a lil hottie....I got to watch him while he watched me....and boy was he hot as hell. And had such a big fucking cock....I could've went on with him all night long....mmmmm!!

I was hoping for one of my favorites to call me tonight but he hasn't so far.....oh well.....hopefully he will this weekend. I luv talkin to him....and cumming with him too. I am so comfortable with him now....and he is such a sweety....but can be so damn naughty too!!

Uh-oh i was wrong......here he is now....and he is wanting to call me....yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now my night has really been made!!

OMG tonight was amazing!!

It's Wednesday night and OMG what a great fucking night!! My best friend...Nikki...will be so damn mad if she ever finds out what is going on behind her back. I have been fucking her husband for like 3 weeks now.....and i'm luving it!! He came over tonight.....before i started working online.....and he made my night!

We even made a video of us fucking......started out with me sucking his big cock ...mmmmm i luv sucking his big cock. And then i crawled right up on top of him and rode him so hard. Then I made him bend me over and spank my ass while he raped my lil pussy. OMG he fucked me so hard.....i dont even know how many times i came.

He's supposed to cum back over tomorrow night and do it again......and i cannot wait!!
If his wife....my best friend only knew that I was banging him every day or so.....she would die.
Oh well.....being sneaky makes it so much more fun!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Posing Pretty for the Camera!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Busy Weekend So Far.......Luving It !!

This weekend has been so busy for me so far.....this is why i luv summer. Friday night was a blast.....went out with my new best friend from Ukraine.....her name is Onna. She is a total blast. A true party girl. When she first moved here like 6 months ago....the girl coudln't even talked any english at all. But after hangin out with me for a few months.....she is talking perfect english.....even cussed a couple guys out for groping her in the wrong way at the bar....that was so funny. But Friday night me and her went out to this little bar that i've been going to for a couple years now......and OMG was it a blast!! We got so wasted. We had guys buying us drinks all night long. And we danced all night.....mostly me and her together. The guys were going wild watching us. Being from Ukraine....the girl can really dance.....but her dancing is mostly dirty dancing.....and she has really taught me a few things. The best part of the night was when me and her left with these two guys that we had met at the bar......John and Tommy. OMG are they hot!! They took us back to their huge condo that was so amazing......and the rest is awesome. We were all so drunk...that we went swimming in their public pool right downstairs at like 2 am......and we were all naked!! It was so hot.....me and Onna messed around for the first time......when I saw here naked ....I just couldn't help myself....she has the most amazing body....her tits were so perky and perfect. I licked those tits all night long....but that wasn't the only thing i licked. Me and her got on the steps that were inside the pool....as ur walkin down into the water.....she sat on the top step and put her legs right on top of my shoulders and wrapped her feet around the back of my neck.....and I licked her beautiful shaved pussy for probably a half hour.....OMG did she smell and taste soooo good. John and Tommy couldn't help themselves they had to join in......ole Tommy Boy got right behind me while i was licking her perfect lil cunt......and started licking my ass and asshole....that got me sooooo wet!! John came around and started licking all over Onna's perfect tits.......and was rubbing all over mine. I was so turned on by that point.....my pussy was dripping wet. After I made Onna cum all over my face....(which was so fucking hot...watching her jerk and moan like crazy) she made me lie down on the cold concrete while she got on top of me and rubbed her huge tits against mine and she licked and rubbed my tits ....it felt so great. We kissed and kissed.....the feeling of her tongue going in and out of my mouth was so nice. The girl can kiss so good!! And when she went down on me and started licking my huge swelled up clit .....i couldn't control myself.....i grabbed her by her hair and pushed her down on my pussy as hard as i could......and damn did i cum so fucking hard. The guys were standing over top of me and her during this jacking there cocks......and they both had nice 7-8 inch cocks. So we both went over and kneeled in front of them and started sucking those nice, big cocks.....and we kept stopping and kissing each other and i would go over to Tommy's cock ...which Onna was sucking at the time and I would help her suck it......we shared his cock for awhile then we shared John's cock too....(couldn't leave lil John out haha) we kept switching out...the guys were going wild....they were rock hard and sooooo turned on. But we didn't want it to end just yet.....so we kept stopping and kissing each other and licking each others nipples......we just wanted to keep them going for awhile. After we shared sucking their cocks for about a half hour......we both got on our knees facing each other......so we could keep kissing and touching each others breasts.......Tommy Boy got behind me and John got behind Onna......and when Tommy slid his huge cock inside me.....it felt so good.....i moaned so loud then John penetrated Onna....and she moaned even louder......they were fucking us soooo hard that it was pushing us into each other.........being able to kiss and touch her tits while we were both getting pounded was so fucking hot!!! We fucked for about 15 mins or so I'm not really sure.......it was just so good.......so then we switched guys.....John got behind me and Tommy got behind her.......and it was on again........we fucked again for a little while like that....then Tommy had an idea....he wanted me to lay on top of Onna and he got behind me and slid his cock inside me and then back out and into Onna's perfect lil cunt. He kept doing that over and over and it was sooooooooo AMAZING!! then John got behind us and had his turn at doing it.....that was the best part of the entire night i think.....it felt so damn good. Then to finish the guys off we got on our knees again and sucked their cocks until they came all over our faces............GOD WHAT A GREAT FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!!!