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Diary of A Sex-Crazy Southern Gal

My crazy....but interesting and sexy life!!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Another Crazy Ass Friday Night.....but I'm luving it!!

Well....tonight was a great night. I went out to the bar again with my new best friend, Onna from Ukraine. We had such a blast again....not as much fun as the last time...but it was still great. I luv taking her hot lil ass out.....I really luv dancing with her...and making all the men druel like crazy. And getting all the free drinks we want is pretty nice too....hehe.

We didn't get too wasted this time though and we didn't get to hook up with any hot guys this time.....but me and her still had our own fun if u know what i mean. I thought that when we messed around the first time with the 2 guys we went home with...that that would be it. But this girl is wild....and I am soooo glad. We went to the bathroom together at the bar.....and boy did she catch me off guard....as soon as we went in the bathroom....she grabbed me by the arm and pretty much pulled me into her. OMG it was so hot....and i never expected her to do it. As soon as she started kissing me.....my pussy got instantly wet...and i mean soaking wet!! I luv the way she kisses me.....so soft ....but still hard and HOT as hell!! And i know I've said it b4 but this girl has got the best body I have ever seen on a woman.....her tits are so fucking hot. I could just lick and suck on her long nipples all night long. And OMG her lil shaved pussy is the best. Tastes and smells so perfect. And for her to have never been with a woman ever b4...besides me....she sure can lick pussy soooo good. We got each other off in the bathroom of the bar....I mean how fucking hot is that!!

When I finally took Onna home ...I came home and couldn't get our lil experience out of my mind.....so I turned my niteflirt on and was ready for more. And boy did I get a lot more!! My first call of the night really got me going....tfrobe...thank u for starting my night out on niteflirt right!! And my god a new regular of mine....judfry......i cannot even begin to say how fucking turned on this guy gets me. And my night ended with a great regular of mine now....LITIGATOR.....I luv watching him stroke his cock for me.....he has such a big fucking cock.....god what I could do to that in person. I hope the rest of my weekend is as good as tonight was!!

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