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Diary of A Sex-Crazy Southern Gal

My crazy....but interesting and sexy life!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Just A Lazy Saturday

Well today was a nice day.....went to the lake with my best friend Nikki and her husband.....(yes, the one I'm fucking). I had a great time....just laid out in the sun ...worked on my tan a lil bit....and showed my lil body off for Nikki's husband...hehe. She still has no idea that I'm fucking her man.....if she ever found out all hell would break loose. Oh well.....I luv being sneaky...and I have wanted his big cock for soooo long. Although, I had no idea his cock was as big as it really is.

The best part of the whole day was when Nikki's husband whispered to me to go out to where the car was parked and wait for him. I told Nikki I was going to the bathroom and I would be back in a few minutes....and her dumbass never suspected a thing....hehe. Well I waited for like 5 mins and there he came....he told Nikki that his stomach was hurting and he was gonna go look for some tylenol in the car.....she is so niave. We didn't have a whole lot of time....but we still got to fool around for a few minutes.....and thats all the time I needed to make his big cock cum. We got in the car...in the back seat.....and I sucked his cock like I have never sucked a cock before.....GOD I luv this man's cock...the taste of it....the size....the whole package!! It only took me about 7-8 mins to make that cock cum sooo fucking hard....all in my mouth.....I luv the taste of his cum....and the feeling of it going down the back of my throat is so hot!!

And poor lil Nikki has no idea....oh well.....I guess if he's gonna look elsewhere for some pussy ....it might as well be me....her best friend!!

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