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Diary of A Sex-Crazy Southern Gal

My crazy....but interesting and sexy life!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Monday's Suck!!!! But I have to say today was good!

Monday's always suck for me.....I'm always too lazy to get up and do anything.....or the day just drags by so damn slow. But today was actually a good day. I talked to one of my true favorites on niteflirt....eellrr. He is such a sweetheart....but damn he can be so kinky. I luv the way he moans and the things we talk about while we are both pleasing ourselves. But he did kinda let me down...he was supposed to cum back on later that night around 11pm and watch my best friend's husband fuck my brains out. Oh well ....his loss I guess!!
One of my new regulars...judfry ...called me again tonight...and I sware it just keeps getting better evertime we talk. And my man Heresss Johnny.....god I luv this guy....and i luv tucking him in just right. And the end of my night...ended so great....with a call from a guy named sebastion007....i told him some of my deepest secrets and stories.....that noone has ever heard about. And he told me some very naughty things about him too......it was soooo hot.... I can't wait to talk to him again....I luved being his lil slut!! And I know he'll be back ....cause our time together was absolutely amazing!!
These guys really made my night so interesting and fun as hell. If I could meet these kind of guys in person....I would be in heaven!!

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