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Diary of A Sex-Crazy Southern Gal

My crazy....but interesting and sexy life!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

An exciting and playful day!!

Well today was ok....but tonight was great!! My favorite playmate ever....pugga has made my night again. Like always....he made me cum so damn hard!! I mean the way the guy talks to me...so fucking nasty....i luv it!! He thinks that im just saying it when i tell him how great he is....but im telling you...the guy is amazing!! I can't even imagine how good it would be in person. He makes me shiver when he calls me because i know what is coming. I mean i can cum with a lot of guys on here and really enjoy myself when i do.....but something about my man pugga....i can't quite put my finger on it....but its just something. And now he is teasing me so bad....making me wait before he will call me and make me explode again. But thats ok...pay backs are a bitch!! Lmao lol lol lol

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