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Diary of A Sex-Crazy Southern Gal

My crazy....but interesting and sexy life!!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another Boring Ass Weekend!!

This weekend is already starting off bad. I have felt terrible all day today and have done nothing but sleep all day. I dont know whats wrong with me. I hope i feel better by tomorrow. I will say that just a little while ago one of my regular guys made me feel so much better......yeah you George. We talked about all kinds of things then we played until i got off....then we talked some more. Made me feel so comfortable and just better. I needed that this morning soooooo bad!!

I also talked to another one of my reg's Ramses....he is awesome...he knows just what i like and how i like it! Ya can't do no better than that. But after i talked to my 2 reg's I started feeling bad again. So I turned niteflirt off for awhile....and here i am now..sitting here bored as hell!!
I need some more excitement and action or something. I guess I'm gonna have to call one of my girlfriends to cum over and see what naughty things we can get into. Last time I invited my girlfriend Lisa over here, me and her went wild. We played strip poker...just me and her at first...then she called one of her friends over and then another girl came over...before we knew it we had about 9 girls over. And once we all started losing our clothes it got real interesting. And of course we were all drinking Vodca and orangejuice....so we were all getting slammed!! But when we all started getting naked is when the fun started. Lisa started touching me in front of all the other girls....and that's all it took to get everyone else to join in. 2 of the other girls started kissing and touching....and I mean really getting into it. That got me and lisa turned on big time...so we just laid down in the floor and she went down on me first......and goddamn she is so good at licking pussy. She got me off so damn quick!! By the time I got done getting Lisa off .....everyone was on the floor licking, kissing, fingering, and just going all at it!! Everyone started joining in and it was so fucking hot!! I know that sounds too good to be true....but it is true!!

Thats the nice thing about having nothing but lesbian and bisexual girlfriends. All we were missing was a couple of guys to join in and take turns fucking all of us. That would have made it so much better. And I'm sure we wouldve been able to find 2 guys to join in very easily. hehe!! I wish this weekend would be as good as that weekend. I'm calling Lisa in just a couple of hours and I'm gonna see if we can get a bunch of girls over to my place again. I'm all turned on now just talking and thinking about the last time. I guess it's time for me to grab my vibrator!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Ok I haven't been in on here in a VERY Long Time!!

Yeah yeah i know I haven't been on here in a long damn time. But I'm back now. Ive been having some pretty interesting calls on niteflirt tonight! It's now 4:52am and I have been up all night taking calls and playing. And OMG this one guy who goes by quickset on niteflirt called me twice. And damn was it worth it.....he got me off twice and he got off twice.....so hot!! The way he talked dirty to me ....telling me all the things he wanted to do to me.....damn he had me so turned on. And another caller who goes by crudd123 called me and he was damn good too!! I love weekends....all the good nasty ones cum out to see me!! And everyone knows thats how i like it....hard, rough, and nasty!!
Here it is so late at night or early in the morning however u want to look at it...and I'm still wide awake and ready for more!! God I can't get enough. I guess because niteflirt had me suspended for too long because of a couple of pics....and now I just can't get enough!!
I hope the rest of the morning and tomorrow is as good as tonight has been. I need some really nasty boys that luv to talk dirty and play hard to call me!!