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Diary of A Sex-Crazy Southern Gal

My crazy....but interesting and sexy life!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

What a crazy couple of weeks!!

Wow what a crazy couple of weeks. Everything has been so messed up and crazy....out of town for a funeral...so sad. Thats a big mess all in it's self...and i'm not even gonna go into all that shit. Now I am moving into a new house....packing shit up...running here and running there. Damn I think I just need to stop and breathe. On a good note though, this house i'm moving into is my dream house. It's huge...on a big piece of land...a huge deck ....3 bedrooms.....2 bathrooms...and the kitchen...OMG it's to die for. Ok I know enough of that shit. I can't help it though...I have always wanted a house like this...and now I got it. Mostly thanks to all of my regulars and all my newbies...and anyone else that calls me, buys my videos, pics, and sends me tributes and gifts. But now you guys are gonna see me on here a whole lot more. My house payment is a lot bigger than what I'm used to ...and I will be getting a new car in a few months. So I'm gonna have to buckle down and stop being so lazy....and start working this thing....hehe!!

Oh and I'm gonna put a pic of me and my new toy that one of my good customers bought for me......thank you loub!! You know who you are. I mean the toy looks so real and feels extremely real. And OMG it is HUGE!! A 10 inch cock....that is huge to me. But it does the trick for sure.....gets me off every single time I use it!!

Oh and I have a new girlfriend too. Her name is Sherry. And she is a total hottie!! Maybe she will let me post a pic of her on here sometime. I wish you could all see what a pretty little pussy I get to lick on every night almost. It is so cute. Nice and shaved and smooth. And her clit is perfect. Hopefully I will be able to talk her into making a little video with me....or even with me and my best friends hubby!! Now that would be HOT!!

Well...I'm gonna head off to bed now....ive had a long night. But I will be back to tell ya more about my new place and moving and about my soon-to-be neighbors...(which are a hot ass couple who get into swinging)...god I'm gonna have so much fun when I finally do get moved!!



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